BEYOND THE RIVER is a charming and inspiring fable about a stolid land burrower and an ethereal creature of the sky, who, despite tradition, fall deeply in love.  Their life together is torn apart when one night OWL mysteriously disappears.  MOLE, her crestfallen love, shrugs off his own fear and the world’s ridicule, and embarks upon a quest to find his lost owl.  Along the way, Mole encounters predators, a few unexpected friends, dangers and wonderment to try to prove that hope, faith and sheer power of love can defy all obstacles.
Budget: 35M, CG Animation

MONKEY BUSINESS is a warm animated comedy about a group of spider monkeys whose journey to discover the meaning of “monkey” life leads to a variety of fun and adventures. As they make their journey, they also pick up a group of unexpected friends along the way.
Budget: 30M, CG Animation

FLORENCE OF ARABIA is a wonderful animated comedy about an “ugly duckling” Arabian horse named Florence that ends up being the ultimate beauty both inside and out.  This movie incorporates a Zoolander type spoof on the fashion industry along with the universal tale of the ugly caterpillar blossoming into the beautiful and elegant butterfly.
Budget: 27.5m, CG animation

JOHNNY BLACKOUT is a comic book/action similar to that of BLADE, THE CROW and DARK MAN.  This is a film noir love story.  JOHNNY BLACKOUT is a brilliant hired assassin that is haunted by the targets of his past.  A skill and anger so great, that he was willing to sell his soul for all the rage he possesses.  But Johnny has a problem, suddenly the ghosts of all the people he has killed are now accompanying him everywhere he goes.  They have come to warn him that after 24 years, the Son of Darkness is about to retire and he has come to claim his payback from Johnny.
Budget: 11.5M, Live Action/CG

ICE  revolves around a family on a sightseeing trip through the remote arctic region of Alaska.  On the road they run up against weather that leaves them stranded.  Needing to get back to civilization, they pick up a mysterious hitchhiker that knows a shortcut that will lead them out of the area.  This hitchhiker leads them to the haunting remnant of an old town infected with rabid creatures not seen by man.  We learn that these creatures may have come from an ancient species embedded within the underground lakes hundreds and hundreds of feet beneath the surface of the melting polar ice caps.  It is these melting lakes that are releasing the ravenous, carnivorous, creatures with razor sharp translucent fangs shaped like icicles.  Our hitchhiker hero not only must save the family but the world from what seems to be infected monsters from the past or the utter depths of hell.
Budget: 6.1M, Live Action

HOW TO PULL A TRIGGER is a tension filled Quentin Tarantino / Robert Rodriguez-esque thrill ride where 5 dysfunctional friends of which some are family members, some are loyal confidants, some are traitors, and some are lovers work for and against each other as our main character discovers that the truth behind his burning questions lie in committing a crime he could never imagine.
Budget: 7.5m, Live action/cg

: is a dark but fascinating perspective of the life of Josef Mengele, one of the most notorious Nazi war criminals who eluded capture until his death.  With  World War II footage similar to SCHINDLER’S LIST and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN to “the hunt” as seen in MUNIC, we enter the mind of a true “mad scientist” and his journey to the brutal criminal he became.
Budget: 35M, Live Action/CG

PRIMAL SCREAM is a modern day horror film about 4 young adults terrorized by a killer.  The film is based on an unfinished documentary of serial killers by a first time Japanese filmmaker.  The film recreates true to life factual accounts and is a stylish, frightening, fast paced horror thriller that pits four college kids returning from a lost weekend in the North East against a malicious, whip smart, mallet carrying serial killer who stalks, terrorizes and kidnaps them in a fifteen hour rampage set in America’s heartland.
Budget: 8M , Live Action, In Pre-Production

As the forces of Darkness and Light collide, a Native American child is the reluctant and unlikely savior who holds the key to THE LEGEND OF SECRET PASS.  A heavenly type place where animals go that have lost their way.  THE LEGEND OF SECRET PASS takes place in the mountains of the Southwest and is an epic tale influenced by Native American Mythology.  An unlikely troop of animals, with the help of our hero Manu, get caught up in a clash of ageless magic.  In this moment of crisis, the barest chance to avoid cataclysmic event falls into the hands of our hero.
Budget: Undisclosed, CG Animation, Post Production